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You Haven’t Been Sleeping All Day, Have You???

Of course I haven’t been sleeping ALL day. I took a nap in the morning and you caught me napping again in the afternoon. What was the point in dozing off in front of the computer/book/tv? I just am having a bit of a rough day and sleep has my name written all over it.

When the Depression is rearing its ugly head, symptoms are always exaggerated. Some days it’s just easier to succumb to the overwhelming urge to sleep. I also have anemia and some other medical issues that may contribute to fatigue. Sleep is also a wonderful escape from reality, of which I am well aware. Nothing wrong with a little escapism once in a while. At least it’s not self-destructive.

Apparently this behavior is of concern to others. As long as I’m keeping up with day-to-day¬†stuff, I don’t think I’ll worry about it. I know I’m supposed to push myself to exercise (hey, it was cold today, and the stupid dog broke her leash…told you I was having a rough day!) i.e. see previous post, but it just wasn’t happening today. That middle of the night migraine sucked too.

Well, I’m just a ray of sunshine today! Let’s hope and plan for a better day tomorrow.