Monthly Archives: October 2013

I Walk Alone

I think one of the biggest challenges I have faced is that of being an empty nester.  I never imagined it being so difficult. And I don’t know anyone who is dealing with this right now either, so I don’t have an example of a good transition. I have found being alone at home demotivating (is that even a word?). Now that I am not taking care of my son, there is this void that I have yet to fill. My therapist insists that I need to be more social. I know I need to quit vegetating at home by myself, but can’t seem to get motivated. I am signed up for some Meetup groups, but haven’t gone to any lately. I always make excuses for myself, like the dogs need me, I’m too tired, it’s too far to drive, etc. I know I have a strong drive to take care of others (duh, I’m a nurse), but I don’t seem to put as much energy into just taking care of myself. I suppose it’s part of my self-esteem issue, that perhaps I think I don’t deserve it. But I have convinced myself that I need more rest and recuperation after dealing with people at work all day. So here I am, Friday night, writing about my myself instead of out doing something. If nothing else, I have to get out of bed tomorrow and take care of business here at home. Wish me well.