Holy Crap, Where Have I Been???

Perhaps if I was still blogging regularly I wouldn’t be feeling as melancholic as I have been of late. It is good to get my feelings out, but lately I haven’t been feeling so hot. Got the nurse practitioner to adjust my meds, but the therapist said I shouldn’t expect it to fix all my issues. And boy, do I have issues. I have no motivation whatsoever. Dr. M wants me to get out more and be social, but it’s been hard. I’ve gone to a couple Meetups, but I’m sure I should be getting out more. Just spent another Saturday in bed, sleeping and watching TV all day. And it’s not that there isn’t anything to do. There are always things to do around the house. I feel as if my battery is drained, there just isn’t enough umph to get going. Having problems just trying to finish this post. Even the dogs have become couch potatoes. Ugh. Depression sucks.


2 responses to “Holy Crap, Where Have I Been???

  1. Hang in there, you are not alone…

  2. Keith A. Rasey

    Sorry you are so in the deep. Hope the coming of increased sunshine lifts your mood.

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