Here Come the Holidays

It’s that time of year again…time to celebrate. Perhaps not for everyone though. I’m in a better place this year than last, but some people consistently find the holidays depressing. I think there are too many expectations, either societal or ones we set for ourselves.

Society tells us we should have the perfect holiday…from the decorations to the gifts to the shiny happy family around the tree. I don’t know who that reality belongs to, but I’ve never met them! Apparently if you have the money, you can buy the perfect holiday. Don’t think that is reality either.

My reality is that things aren’t perfect, and we shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations. You just wind up being disappointed and disheartened. And who needs that when you already struggle with a mood disorder. So my plan is that I will just take it as it comes. Perhaps tidy up a little and put up a few decorations. Not stress about getting the “perfect gift.” Enjoy some holiday music. And not let anyone else get me down. How about you?


One response to “Here Come the Holidays

  1. Sounds like a plan!

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