Blog Blocked

Having a major case of writer’s block lately. Perhaps because I have felt better? Certainly nothing wrong with feeling less depressed, now is there? Don’t know that I’d say happy quite yet, but don’t feel overwhelmingly sad. Even somewhat motivated I might say. Cleaning a little bit, planning for my son’s departure to college. That might be a downer though. I’m very excited for him finally achieving his dreams and looking forward to his new adventure. He’s earned this after all his hard work. It will be hard for me to see him go, but he’s not going too far. I just hope he’ll want to see me once in a while!

The new adventure/adjustment for me will be living alone. That is something I never really experienced. It will be just me and the animals. I won’t have anyone to answer to or be home for except the dogs. This will be interesting. I don’t know how I will handle this. I think I will be eating more cereal for dinner, no reason to cook!


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