Trust is a big issue for me. I have thought about it more frequently as I commute on the interstate back and forth to work. Being on the highway is trusting in a lot of strangers all at the same time. Trusting that they will maintain their speed, stay in their lane or signal to change, basically trusting that everyone will follow the rules of the road so we all remain safe.

There doesn’t seem to be a rule book for relationships to keep one safe. So trust is a big issue, at least for me. Reflecting on previous relationships, sometimes it did feel as if the other person was driving erratically, forgetting to use turn signals and stopping abruptly. We may have been on the same road, but not necessarily in agreement on how to get where we were going. And of course each of us wants to be just one more car ahead, so we push farther, exceeding the speed limit to be the leader. Throw all caution to the wind, this relationship is on the freeway of love!

However, love is not enough to sustain. Trust involves deeper feelings of consideration, compatibility, and honesty. Each car should be well maintained per se, to function well in relation to others. Lack of maintenance is a sure recipe for disaster. I think we have to work on ourselves and our relationship to build the feelings that lead to trust.

I think my metaphor is a little stretched and worn, but you get my point. Trust is an issue everyday, in many ways.


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