Unconditional Love

Immediate and unconditional love is what I get from my dogs no matter what I do or how I feel. Somehow they know when I’m down and give me extra loving. They don’t demand too much most of the time, and seem to understand when I’m being a slacker. I don’t have to call and remind them about our friendship needing nurturing, they are always there, dependable. Of course I am always there for them too. I have to feed/water/walk, etc. And clean up accidents (ick).

They are ok with my bad habits, my being less than svelte and my cranky moments. And I put up with chewed up items and demands to go outside. So it all evens out. They do hog more than their share of the bed though. Need to work on that.

I do believe they are the most low maintenance relationships I have. They snuggle at just the right times, don’t argue for the most part and aren’t too demanding. Perhaps we do need to pay more attention to our dogs’ behavior. They may have something on us.


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