Saint Juliana – Patron Saint of Chronic Illness

Depression is a chronic illness for some people (lucky me!). Those of us in this situation are fortunate to have our very own patron saint, Juliana of Falconieri. She was the Italian foundress of the Sisters of the Third Order of Servites. Now I’m not Catholic, but I  think it’s pretty nifty to have a saint that is designated specifically for chronic illness. Her order dedicated itself to care of the sick and other acts of mercy. Not an easy task, for sure. They even wore specially designed habits with shorter sleeves to make working easier. Such industrious women.

Juliana led her order for thirty-five years. She was honored as a saint immediately after her death. Not that I plan on converting or anything, but it’s nice to celebrate someone who was so dedicated to doing God’s work and represents a certain need. She must have been an early version of Mother Theresa. In case you do want to celebrate her life, her feast day is June 19th, the date of her death.

I guess the point is, faith can help us deal with chronic illness and we can access multiple resources besides what we have been taught. Inspiration can come from more than just one source without being sacrilegious.  Hope you find your inspirations.


One response to “Saint Juliana – Patron Saint of Chronic Illness

  1. hi, i just wanted to say thanks for posting this. i’m a 15 year old with a chronic illness called juvenile rheumatoid arthrits and i was looking for the patron saint of chronic illnesses. st. Juliana is so inspiring, and i just wanted to thank you for posting this. God Bless

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