Thankful for Mud

So thankful that I have something besides work to keep me busy. Recently got back into pottery, and have been literally up to my elbows in mud. I love working with clay, both wheel-throwing and hand-building. It feels really good to do something creative, it nurtures the soul somehow.

Handling the clay is a process. Sometimes I have an idea in mind for what I’d like it to become, and sometimes I just let the clay have its way. Sounds a little queer to say that, but there are times it can’t be forced to do what you want it to do. You have to listen and relax. Not fighting with the clay is a challenge. I don’t want to experience frustration because this is a time of enjoyment for me. I sure don’t need any stress over mud!

Wheel-throwing takes patience for me. As a left-handed person, I’ve had to adapt to doing things as a right-handed person would do, just to make life simpler. Throwing is a metaphor for life. The first thing you do is center the clay. If it’s not centered properly, nothing else will go well. Certainly is a metaphor for my life. Being the slightest bit off kilter emotionally or spiritually can affect EVERYTHING ELSE. Fortunately, between the potter’s hands, a bit of pressure and water, the clay will become centered. I seem to take a little more effort to get settled than that. Perhaps I should  meditate or pray more, I don’t know. I’ll have to figure that out. Right now I am enjoying the physical activity of the clay. It helps me feel centered as my creativity is expressed.


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