Persistence is the spiritual grace that allows you to continue to act with optimism even when you feel trapped in the pit of hell. ***Daphne Rose Kingma

It is so easy to start blaming oneself when life gets overwhelming. Such as, “I brought this on myself,” or “This is all my fault.” Somehow I feel that I should be able to handle whatever life throws my way. Seems like everyone else seems to keep it together and go with the flow, right? I’m a strong, independent woman, so why is it when all hell breaks loose, I sometimes feel hopeless and defeated?

This is Depression talking and taking me down again. I am still and always have been an intelligent and capable person, able to work through difficulties and handle crises. It is a matter of getting my mind right…being in the right frame of mind to borrow a cliché. I just have to remind myself of my many accomplishments. I’m no slacker, I’m well-educated and articulate, I’ve done numerous things in my career, I’ve had many creative pursuits, I’ve raised a child, etc., etc. Even starting my blog was a huge step that I could have never imagined I would do.

I’m a survivor too. I’ve been through tremendous emotional hardships in my personal life and am still standing. It wasn’t easy either. I was subjected to some mean-spirited and malicious attacks on my character. That was extremely difficult. It’s hard not to take in that kind of ugliness, particularly when you already suffer from Depression. I just could not allow myself to believe that the circumstances were bigger than me, and I continued to have hope for a better future.

Persistence seems key. I keep pressing on, keep holding onto hope that things will be better, that each difficulty is an opportunity to learn something new and that wisdom is power and strength to carry on. Sounds rather pollyanna-ish but it’s truly how I cope with the obstacles and challenges that come my way. Prayer helps too.


2 responses to “Persistence

  1. Another great entry, Jennifer. Do you feel that blogging is helping? I think it is really great that you are doing this and helping others in the process. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hang in there, Jen. I know you are more intelligent than the opposition and have good morals and good character. Luv ya.

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