Fatigue, or 5 More Minutes is not Enough

Why is the snooze feature on my cell phone only five minutes long??? How ridiculous. The snooze button on most alarm clocks is at least nine minutes, what were the cell phone people thinking? Depression can make for great physical and mental fatigue. Sometimes you can never get enough sleep. It is an unrelenting tiredness. And it’s difficult to separate the physical feeling from the mental state as well.

Ironically, research has shown that exercise helps with mood and specifically Depression. Yet you have to get past the barrier of fatigue to get to the point of being motivated or engaged in any type of exercise. Sometimes it is hard to just get through the day. Forget about exerting more energy to exercise! Ugh.

So what can I do to get motivated? I am definitely not a morning person, as the opening of this post might indicate. All I want to do when I get home is chill. Not too many hours between arriving home from work and going to bed at a decent time to get enough sleep either. I think that scientists need to forget about creating diet pills, and work on an exercise pill! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything in! I just keep trying to get my exercise in by walking the dog (I need to do a better job with that).

Meanwhile, if I don’t get enough sleep, I think I’ll be sure to take a nap.


2 responses to “Fatigue, or 5 More Minutes is not Enough

  1. Thanks for writing this….I had Joe read it because he doesn’t get why I feel tired all the time. I truly believe he thought I was making this all up! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “You are STILL sleepy!!??!!” or “How can you sleep ALL THE TIME?”. Well, now he knows! HOORAY!!!!
    Now I just hope he takes it easy with all his “tired” comments, questions and little digs. If he only knew how badly I would love to be able to have the energy I once had. Geez, I hope they invent that exercise pill quickly!

  2. Yes, it is quite an ordeal to get out of bed; especially if you have been sick and stayed in bed because of illness. Now I have no excuse other than sooo much depression and the feeling of remorse since I’ve passed it on to others. I do hope that we all get that exercise pill and soon!

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