Comfort in Food

So many ways to find comfort in food. Beats drinking to self-medicate. There is always the perfect combination of salt and sweet carbs to lift the mood. Kettle corn, honey-mustard pretzels, anything sweet and salty. And then the ultimate mood booster is, CHOCOLATE. Any mood can be improved with chocolate, even if you didn’t think things were so bad to begin with.  Can I get a witness?

Of course there is a method to the madness. Science completely backs me up on this. Chocolate increases serotonin levels, and us depressives need all the serotonin we can get! We all know dark chocolate is antioxidant rich too. So how can you go wrong? Maybe just being overindulgent. I do tend to do things to excess. But who can eat just one of any kind of chocolate. Plus it’s always good to share…



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