Little Thoughts from Therese of Lisieux

From St. Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way”

If I thought of my life as stretching out before me with suffering, rejection, routine and so on, with death at the end of it all, I would never have the courage to go on.

But I can go on for one day at a time.

Today I can do a small act of love.

Today I can put another person first.

Today I can go to prayer no matter how I feel.

Today I can live patiently with my faults, seeing myself imperfect despite my best efforts.

There’s a reward promised to those who fight bravely, and I’m glad to say I have it already. The reward is freedom to love, freedom to serve, freedom to be who I am in peace and joy, without always wondering what others are thinking of me.

Although not particularly fond of organized religion, this nun’s words touch my spirit, and give me hope. May we each find our center, where the peace and joy make life meaningful.



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