Dealing with Chronic Illness

(acknowledgement to author Thomas L. McDermitt for these excerpts)

Today I am going to try to live through this day only, and not dwell on or attempt to solve all my problems at once; just focus on the  piece that is today. I can do something for several hours that would be difficult to even think about continuing for several months.

Just for today, I am willing to accept the possibility that there is a purpose to this suffering; that it can be a source of meaning and growth for myself and others, though I may not always recognize the ways.

Just for today, let me remind myself that I am basically a worthwhile person, worth loving, despite my faults and limits. I deserve the efforts of others to help me through my illness.

Just for today, I want to be aware that it is all right to want too much from others at times. If I feel hurt when those who care about me cannot be there, it may help to remember they have needs, frailties, and limitations of their own. A lack of response does not mean that they are personally rejecting me.

Just for today, perhaps I can take heart that we are all connected. I have things to contribute to the family of man; some light to add to the light. even now my endurance (however imperfect) is a gift, an inspiration for others in their struggles.

It seems reasonable that there is a season for everything, and a time for every purpose. Pain, weakness and exhaustion may distort my senses and spirit. Today, however, I can at least find some hope in nature’s way, if not in some master plan. The chances are fairly good, and  it seems worthwhile to hope that I will have some cycle of wellness yet.

Namaste, God Bless.


5 responses to “Dealing with Chronic Illness

  1. This is great! I have always found that writing helps a great deal when it comes to clearing my head and sorting out the contents of my heart. I hope this blog brings you and many others healing, comfort, and support.

  2. Wow! I love this. Please point me to this when I am feeling down. Perhaps it will resonate deep within my “undepressed” self, the one who is so good at hiding during those dark, dark days….

  3. I always find amazing resources working in hospice care. It’s always easier to be a caregiver than it is to take care of yourself or to take your own advice…

  4. Well said…

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